1. Stand package

Exhibiting with us is both simple and effective. Find your location, choose marketing packages and add extra visibility. Then all you have to do is show up at the fair! The stand is ready when you arrive.

Book our standard stand

Our standard stand is the most common stand solution on the exhibition floor.
Here you can choose between sizes between 4 sqm up to 36 sqm.

What is included?

Floor area,
White walls
1 electrical outlet 230 V
1 spotlight per 4 sq m
2 chairs
1 table

2. Choose marketing package

Choose a tailored marketing package for digital visibility and impressive presence at the fair. Attract visitors to your stand with online previews and ensure a strong on-site presence to reach the right target audiences and potential customers. Increase your chances of optimizing fair results by selecting one of EasyGo’s marketing packages.

Click below for more information about our different packages:

3. Do you want to be seen a little extra at the fair?

Invest in extra brand exposure. At Prioritet Serneke Arena, we have lots of opportunities for you to reach out to your customers. Here we highlight some of the most sought-after options at the fairs. Take a look in the catalog to see all the possibilities.

Have you decided?

Now it’s close to your stand booking! Contact the sales manager for the fair and get more information about what’s included in your stand package and how we can tailor your participation.

The sales managers for the fair


Sales Executive


Senior Sales Executive

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